What kind of an accent do you have?

Well, this online quiz pegged me pretty good.

What American accent do you have? (Best version so far)Northern You have a Northern accent. That could either be the Chicago / Detroit / Cleveland / Buffalo accent (easily recognizable) or the Western New England accent that news networks go for. Personality Test Results
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Thank goodness the Utah accent isn’t rubbing off on me!

Hooray for Christmas Break!

Finals are OVER!!!  Fall semester is FINISHED!!!  Holy Cow!  And I’m home for the holidays!  That means freedom!…for a couple of weeks, anyways.  So, the question now is: how to use this freedom?  Here’s what I plan to do over the break:

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really quick

This is going to be way short.  Exam week is upon us all, and all the hecticness that it brings.  Had two exams today, a really difficult one and a really easy one (and now that Arabic 201 is officially over, I can start having fun learning Arabic…).  Got Geography tomorrow morning.  I wrote a lot today, about 1,500 words, but I’m not satisfied with this section that I just wrote and I think I’ll glance over it and make some changes tomorrow.  I can tell already that I’ll be writing A LOT over the break, possibly a few thousand words a day.  But I’m split between writing new material and making major revisions to what I already have… Continue reading “really quick”

844 words, an awesome writing meeting, and some plans for submitting stuff

I haven’t posted in the last couple of days, mostly because I’ve been so busy. Thursday especially was crazy–there was this huge Arabic final, and I had a big paper to write and get in by five. But, yeah, these are crazy times anyways, what with finals. I sat down and immersed myself in my novel tonight, and it was really good! About 850 words and I’m catching up to where I want to be. And…I’m over 56,000 words in the entire novel. I’m probably going to end up cutting a lot of it out. Can’t worry about that now, though. I’ll do it in the rewrite… Continue reading “844 words, an awesome writing meeting, and some plans for submitting stuff”

1,584 words and I still don’t like 24

1,584 words tonight! Yay! Progress! In about 12,000 words, this will be the longest that I’ve ever made it in any novel attempt. And it only took 4 months (well, and about a year to come up with a fully matured concept for it)!

All this time I’ve been writing at my friend Steve’s house. For some crazy reason, he decided to watch four seasons of 24 in a week in order to be able to tell his film professors why he likes it. I’ve been watching the first few episodes of season 1 with him these past couple of days. Continue reading “1,584 words and I still don’t like 24”