editing editing editing

I took a break from The Lost Colony tonight to edit two of my short stories, The Clearest Vision and Decision LZ150207.  I want to send both of those out to contests in the near future, so I want to polish them up and send them out.  I’m really optimistic about it.

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Neuromancer by William Gibson

This novel was good. I wanted to suggest it in English 318 when we were listing sci fi / fantasy novels to read as a class. However, I knew that if I did, someone would be offended because it definitely violates honor code standards for BYU sponsored reading material. Despite some of the extremely explicit and violent content, however, this novel was one of the most incredible sci fi stories I’ve read in a long time…

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Yay! And, simultaneously, uh oh!

So, I wrote 1,181 words in the novel today, just by focusing on it and getting it done, and I was really satisfied with the result! The more days I have like this, the more confident I am that this novel is working out well and that it might not completely suck by the time I finish it. However, I heard a piece of advice from Sanderson today in English 318 that made me think that I might be digging myself into a mess…

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