I’m not going to talk about nanowrimo because … yeah, I’m not going to talk about nanowrimo.

I’ve been doing a lot to get the print versions of the Star Wanderers novellas up, but beyond that, not a whole lot of writing.  Still one scene to go in Sons of the Starfarers: Brothers in Exile (that’s the working title, anyway), but I keep putting it off because … I dunno.  So many other things going on, maybe?  Sometimes it’s the easy stuff you put off the longest, sometimes, the hardest stuff.  But I already said I wasn’t going to talk about nanowrimo …

In any case, I set Thanksgiving as the deadline to get all the print versions out for Star Wanderers, and it looks like I’ll be able to hit it.  Outworlder, Fidelity, Sacrifice, and Homeworld are already up, and should propagate to Amazon in the next couple of days.  Dreamweaver is in the proofing process, and I should be able to typeset Benefactor and Reproach in the next couple of days.  It’s a relaxing thing to do while listening to podcasts, and the books are short enough that I can get all the work done in just a few hours.

In December, I hope to release a new Star Wanderers book: Deliverance, which covers the events of Homeworld from Mariya and Lucca’s points of view.  This was a fun one to write, so I’m looking forward to getting it out there for you guys to read.  It’s with my first readers now, who should get back to me by the first week of December or so.  The draft is already pretty clean, so unless they bring up some major issues, I should be able to get it out fairly quickly.

And after that, I think I’m going to take a break from the Star Wanderers universe for a while to work on some novels.  It’s been fun doing the shorter stuff, and I’ll definitely return to the novella form in the future, but there are a bunch of unfinished projects screaming at me to work on them.  First among them is probably Heart of the Nebula, which I haven’t even touched in almost a year.  It needs a huge overhaul–I’ll probably scrap a good half or so from the middle, probably more.  But the ideas behind the story are solid, and I would really like to get another Gaia Nova novel out soon.

But the one that’s calling the most to me is probably Lifewalker.  That’s the post-apocalyptic one with the guy wandering down the ruins of I-15 with a copy of Brandon Sanderson’s Mistborn toward a Las Vegas populated by cannibals.  There’s actually a lot more to it than that, but that’s the 10 second pitch I’ve been giving people.  The voice on that one was so different from anything else I’ve done, I had to take a break from it after I got to a good stopping place.  But recently, it’s been calling out to me to finish it.  I’ll probably move on to that one if I don’t go to Heart of the Nebula first.

Then there’s Edenfall, The Sword Bearer, a couple of other untitled ones, that Sword & Planet story I said I’d write … holy crap, so many unfinished books.  I feel like I’m a bad writer whenever I don’t finish everything I start, but that just seems to be part of my process.  Hopefully none of my readers are too impatient to get any particular book–although, come to think of it, that kind of pressure might be just what I need.

Either way, I really need to get back to writing.  But I already said I wasn’t going to talk about nanowrimo (I wonder if this blog post counts?)

:P Later.


  1. I love the 10 second pitch for Lifewalker. (I confess I’m not so great a fan of the title itself, but as I’ve no better suggestion, I’ll leave this in the parentheses.)

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