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Hey guys, I’m back in Kutaisi today, so I thought I’d drop in and post an update on this (much neglected as of late) blog.  Life hasn’t been too eventful, but there are a couple of things that I thought you might want to know about.

First of all, I’ll be participating in an ebook promo with some other sci-fi indie authors this cyber monday (the online equivalent of black friday).  My book Star Wanderers: Outworlder is already available for free, but if you’re a fan of science fiction and free / $.99 ebooks, be sure to check it out!  Here’s the link:

Also, if you check out the CURRENT PROJECTS section in the sidebar (over there ———>), you’ll see that I recently dusted off Heart of the Nebula for another revision pass.  This is a direct sequel to Bringing Stella Home, featuring many of the same characters (James, Lars, Stella) plus a few new ones.  I’m about midway through chapter 4 right now, and really getting into the story.

The previous drafts had some issues, but I think I’ve got a better handle on them now.  I have no idea when it will be ready to be published, but I’m shooting for sometime next summer.  With luck, this next revision will be finished in December, at which point I’ll send it out to my first readers and see what they think of it.

Also, I took some time out to work on meta-writing stuff, like goal setting and such.  I’ll save that discussion for new years, though, since that seems like a much better time to discuss goals and resolutions.  Also, it will give me a chance to refine them a bit in the intervening month.  Long story short, I was experiencing a creative block due to some unrealistic personal expectations, but I think I’ve more or less worked it out.

Other than that, life is pretty good.  I got to see my host family from last year a couple of days ago, when I came in late from Tbilisi and missed the last marshrutkka to my village.  Called up the family, and they were kind enough to let me spend the night on their couch.  Today, I said thank you by dropping by with a box of chocolates.

It was great to see them again and spend some time in the neighborhood where I lived last semester.  Also: twix cookies.  The market in Batoni next to ProCredit Bank is one of the few places in Kutaisi that sells them.  If you’ve ever spent any significant time in Georgia, you know exactly what I’m talking about.

So that’s just about it for now.  If all goes well, I should hear back from my first readers on Star Wanderers: Homeworld sometime during the Thanksgiving break.  Depending on their feedback, it’ll come out anywhere between 1-3 weeks later.  This will conclude the main story arc for Star Wanderers (at least, the first arc), but it won’t be the last book in the series.  More on that later, though.

Take care!

Author: Joe Vasicek

Joe Vasicek is the author of more than twenty science fiction books, including the Star Wanderers and Sons of the Starfarers series. As a young man, he studied Arabic and traveled across the Middle East and the Caucasus. He claims Utah as his home.

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